Fabrication using aluminum and stainless steel requires specialty equipment and skilled operators. East Lake is fully equipped with the tools and expertise to take on your project.

Specialized Equipment

Our specialized equipment includes:

  • TIG Welding
  • Pulse Mig Welding
  • Surfox Electrochemical Cleaning and Polishing
  • Line Sanding

For processing we have a 5 x 10 foot 10HP CNC Router for aluminum sheet, aluminum composite (ACM) and extrusion processing.

The router provides profile cutting, V-Grooving, milling and engraving allowing a wide range of flexibility in aluminum processing.

Material Inventory

We strive to keep common sheet metal and structurals sizes in inventory, to ensure we have the raw materials on hand to allow for timely delivery of your project.

Our typical Aluminum and Stainless Steel projects include:

  • Custom sheet metal enclosures and cabinets
  • Stainless perforated screens
  • Industrial enclosures, wagons and carts
  • Stairs, ladders and platforms
  • Portable instrument tripods, stands and mounting brackets
aluminum fabrication